Frequently asked questions

What is your typical turnaround time?
1-2 weeks from the time your design is finalized, depending on what our current workload is when the order is placed. Rush orders are sometimes possible.

Why chose letterpress over digital printing? By going with letterpress printing for your wedding stationery, every invitation is like a little work of art, a tactile piece that gives weight, meaning, and importance to your big day. For business cards, it’s your first impression and a great way to stand out as a business that values quality. The effect of letterpress, which is printed on thick, luxurious paper is elegant and classic.

How does the ordering process work?

Do you offer digital printing?
I work with a high-quality local digital print shop to print the digitally printed portion of your design. They can print on 110lb Lettra paper, which is something a regular desktop or office printer cannot handle.

Do you offer corner rounding, embossing, perforation, and die-cutting? I’m so glad you asked. Yes, I do! Please write me for a quote.

Do you offer guest addressing of envelopes? Yes! They are digitally printed. I can send you info on how to set up the spreadsheet that you’ll need to send.

Can you print on black paper?
Yes, gold or silver inks look great on black paper. Because letterpress inks are not very opaque, other colors of ink do not print very well. Only metallic inks have good opacity on dark stocks.

Do you offer foil stamping? 
Yes. It does cost a bit more than letterpress and will add to the turnaround time. You can see pricing on the Pricing page or write us for a quote.

Do you make embossed wedding invitations and business cards? So all letterpress printing is debossed, meaning the art is pressed into the paper (usually as it applies ink). There is also the option to do blind debossing which is where the image is pressed into the paper without ink. We also offer embossing, which is a different process resulting in the art coming up out of the paper.

What kind of images work best with letterpress?

Large solids (filled in areas larger than 1/2”) tend to have a slightly textured look that’s almost heathered, called “salting,” so the ink will be less opaque. See attached example below. This effect is not so noticeable with lighter colors of ink. Most people like this hand-printed look, but it’s good to know what to expect.

What’s the largest size you can print? The largest size image my press can accommodate is 8” x 13”. The larger the image though, the less of an impression you'll get.

How can I be sure the ink color will match what I want if I can’t pick out the color in person? If you have specific ink colors you’d like, please mail me a physical sample to match (like a paint swatch from a paint store). Alternatively, you can describe the color you want if you're flexible about shade of the color, keeping in mind that computer screens are not consistent in how they present colors, so any color on your screen may look different on mine. If you want to mail me a sample, my address is 5206 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97218. You can always give me a Pantone number to match if you have access to an Uncoated Formula Guide (no worries if you don’t know what that is).

Does 2-sided printing work with letterpress?
Thicker paper (160#, 185#, or 220#) is recommended for 2-sided printing. Keep in mind that the impression is more shallow with 2 sided printing to prevent the impression showing through on the other side. Plus, the first side that's printed first gets the impression knocked out of it a bit when the second side is printed wherever the front and back designs overlap. You can pick which side has the deeper impression. Ideally, neither side would have a fill in the artwork since fills require more pressure to get good ink coverage.

 What are the standard paper sizes for invitation sets?

Here are the relative sizes of the different paper options. Other sizes are possible - these are just the most popular.  A1 = 3.5x4.9 | A2 = 4.25x5.5 | A6 = 4.5x6 | A7 = 5x7

Here are the relative sizes of the different paper options. Other sizes are possible - these are just the most popular.

A1 = 3.5x4.9 | A2 = 4.25x5.5 | A6 = 4.5x6 | A7 = 5x7

We support marriage equality.

We support marriage equality.

Do you actually do this as a full-time job? Yes, this is my real, full time job. Lucky me, right??

Here’s an example of a large flood of color, so you can see the effect.

Here’s an example of a large flood of color, so you can see the effect.

This is an example of wedding favors.

This is an example of wedding favors.