You will learn how to print from a photopolymer plate on a Chandler & Price 10″ x 15″ press.

Workshops are scheduled as requested, and will be just for you and those you bring with you (up to 4 people).

You can make your own:      

  • Wedding invites
  • business cards
  • greeting cards
  • birth announcements
  • art prints
  • or anything else that will fit on my press

Let me know what you want to do and I can give you a quote on the materials and schedule a time to have the session.

Letterpress workshop in Portland
Letterpress workshop in Portland - wedding invites

The workshop is $265 (plus the cost of materials) for one class and that cost is split among the participants (up to 4 people). The class lasts up to 4 hours, but sometimes finishes early depending on how quickly the printing goes. Obviously, the fewer people there are, the more time you’ll get to spend on your own project. Couples printing their wedding invites take their own workshop, but can invite a friend to join them.

For people who just want a very basic overview of how things work, we can do a 2 hour workshop ($165) where we print one 1-color design. The design can be a pre-made design I have on hand or you can create your own ahead of time to send me. See more info about that below.

Letterpress workshop in Portland

General material costs:  Paper costs depend on quantity and the size of the paper.  To give you an idea:  100 5″x7″ cards (110# Lettra paper) would be $25.  The photopolymer plate material (what we print from) is $50 for a 5″x7″ piece.  Heavier weight paper is also available for a higher price.

Letterpress in Portland

If you have access to and experience with Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, you can create your own design to print from (see FAQ for design tips).  Your other options are to meet with me and I can help you create your design on my computer, or print from plates I already have made.  We can schedule a day 1-2 weeks before your workshop, where I can help you with your own design.  Let me know if you’re interested in that and I will tell you my rates and give you a rough estimate of how much time I think we’d need to spend.  If you want to make your own plate to print from, I just need the design (as a vectorized PDF) and a deposit for the materials fee one week before your class.