Why chose letterpress over digital printing? By going with letterpress printing for your wedding stationery, every invitation is like a little work of art, a tactile piece that gives weight, meaning, and importance to your big day. For business cards, it’s your first impression and a great way to stand out as a business that values quality.

What is your typical turnaround time?
1-2 weeks from the time your design is finalized, depending on what our current workload is when the order is placed. Rush orders are sometimes possible.

How do I place an order?
See an overview of how it works here.

Do you offer digital printing?
I can outsource a digitally printed portion of your design if there is also a letterpress element to the design.

Do you offer corner rounding, embossing, perforation, and die-cutting? I’m so glad you asked. Yes, I do!

Do you offer guest addressing of envelopes? I work with a local shop to do that for me, but I will create the files for them to work with from the spreadsheet you provide.

Can you print on black paper?
Yes, gold or silver inks look great on black paper. Because letterpress inks are not very opaque, other colors of ink do not print very well. Only metallic inks have good opacity on dark stocks.

Do you offer foil stamping? 
I can refer you to someone who does foil stamping if that’s all you want. But if your job also involves a letterpress portion, I can take care of the order for you, working with my local foil printer.

Do you print on CD or DVD covers?
Yes, I can.  It just has to be the foldable kind or be the type that is a thick paper sleeve (chipboard prints very well) and you’ll have to provide me with the stock before it’s folded.

What are the standard paper sizes for invitation sets?

Here are the relative sizes of the different paper options. Other sizes are possible - these are just the most popular.  A7 = 5x7” | A6 = 4.5x6” | A2 = 5.5x4.25” | 4-bar = 3.5x4.9”

Here are the relative sizes of the different paper options. Other sizes are possible - these are just the most popular.

A7 = 5x7” | A6 = 4.5x6” | A2 = 5.5x4.25” | 4-bar = 3.5x4.9”

This is an example of wedding favors.

This is an example of wedding favors.

Letterpress printing services in Portland


- It’s best to design your files in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, embed & vectorize all images, and convert all fonts to outlines (see directions below), and send to me as a PDF.  If you don’t have Illustrator, you can design it in Photoshop and send it to me and I can try converting it, but just know that it may look a little bit different, depending on how complex your design is.

- There is also the option of scanning in a drawing and I can work with that.  Let me know if you'd like details for that option.

-  To outline your fonts in Illustrator or InDesign, select all of your text with the Selection Tool (black arrow), go to the “Type”  drop-down menu and select “Create Outlines”. 

- Your graphic should be made of lines, or fills that will print solidly, not something that resembles pencil shading.

- A minimum line weight of .35 pt for all line art to prevent broken lines in printing.  The space between lines needs to be at least .5pt.  

- Text or line work within fills should not be finer than 1pt in thickness (it will fill in a bit with ink and appear thinner when printed).

- Try to avoid having an area that requires a large amount of solid ink

- Areas with large fills won't be super opaque - I can show you samples of this if you ask for them.

- Please scale all designs to 100% of the print size (in inches) and have all colors at 100% opacity.

- If you are not giving me a sample of the color of ink you want (can even be a color sample from a paint store), please tell me what Pantone color(s) you’d like. If you're local, you can come in to the studio to pick out your color(s).

- Letterpress inks are not super opaque, so printing light colors on dark paper is not advisable unless you’re looking for silver/gold ink on black paper.

- Make sure to have at least 2 (preferably 3 people) proofread.  I’ve had people spell their own names wrong and miss it.  Once the client has approved the design, they are responsible for any errors, so please carefully review to make sure everything is spelled correctly. 

- There are extra requirements and limitations for 2-sided printing.  Let me know if you'd like that info. 

- Any questions about what any of this means, please write me.